( Mind Funk ; Amsterdam , Netherlands )


* 01-Chromosome-"Tranquility Relaxation" (Unrel.)
* 02-Logic Bomb-"Microprocessors" (Psyforce Unrel.)
* 03-Insane Turbolators-"Super Mario MD" (Unrel.)
* 04-Polaris-"Orbit" (Unrel.)
* 05-G.M.S.-"Halloween" (Unrel.)
* 06-Missing Time-"Excess-End" (Submachine)
* 07-Boiling Point-"Tennis Balahal" (USTA)
* 08-Psychopod-"Frankie's Farm" (Spun-Unrel.)
* 09-Biotonic-"Stream" (Unrel.)
* 10-Lish-"Dead Yet?" (USTA)

Top 10 December 2001-Shawnodese-Amsterdam
( )

01-D-Tek & Dr.Panic-"Psychedelic Cowboy" (TIP World)
02-Skazi-"D.M.T." (MDMA)
03-Biotonic-"Energy" (Unrel.)
04-Logic Bomb-"Highly poisonous" (Stone Age-Unrel.)
05-Twisted Harmonics-"Controller" (Unrel.)
06-Mr. Peculiar-"Pop Cell" (Unrel.)
07-Mathematica-"The first time" (Magma)
08-E.S.R.-"Synthesia" (Unrel.)
09-Antidote-"Altiplanos" (Unrel.)
10-Ocelot-"Bust" (Ceiba)

Top 10 November 2001-Shawnodese-Amsterdam
( )

01-Skazi-"Welcome to Mars" (Unrel.)
02-Ultra-"Engage" (3D Vision)
03-Alien Project-"Magnetic" (Phonokol)
04-Frequency de Luxe-"Driptechnique" (Unrel.)
05-Navajo-"Fat Luzy" (Uphonic)
06-Absolum-"Push" (3D Vision)
07-Logic Bomb-"Organic Superloop" (Unrel.)
08-Orion-"Ultragroove" (Phantasm)
09-Virus-"MDMA Village" (Unrel.)
10-Suria-"Game Modulation" (Magma)

Shawnodese-Mind Funk-Netherlands 10.2001

* 01- Logic Bomb-Fequent Flyers (3D Vision)
* 02-Human Blue-"Carpe Di m" (Spiral Trax)
* 03-Biotonic-"Third Line" (Unrel.)
* 04-Ultra-"Morning Glory"(Unrel.)
* 05-Tylan-"Artic Sensation (Unrel.)
* 06-Mumbo Jumbo-"Techno Boom Boom" (Phantasm)
* 07-Soundfarmers-"Pitch Black" (MDMA)
* 08-Fungus of Light-"Green Card" (Unrel.)
* 09-E.S.R.-"Digital Noise" (Unrel.)
* 10-Astrix & Atomic Pulse-"Optical Vibes" (Isra li ns 3)

Top Ten August 2001-Shawnodese-Mind Funk-Netherlands

*01-Logic Bomb-"Strike or stroke" (Unrel.)
*02-Frequency de Luxe-"Iron Lung" (Unrel.)
*03-Nuclear Ramjet-"Evolution" (Ascend Rec.)
*04-Logic Bomb-"Glitter" (TIP World Rec.)
*05-Bonky-"100 X" (Unrel.)
*06-The Good, the Bad & the Ugly-"La Caixa" (Twisted/TIP World Rec.)
*07-Initia-"Humanimal" (Loopsnoo Rec.-Unrel.)
*08-Hyper Frequency a.k.a. Gill-"Prayer" (Turbo Trance Rec.)
*09-Jocid-"Tjsokmoimok" (Unrel.)
*10-Tintinus-"Shape Shifter" (Unrel.)

Shawnodese(Mind Funk ; Amsterdam . The Netherlands)
Top Ten Chart June 2001

1. Digital Seperatists - "Essence" (Unrel.)
2. Bamboo Forest - "Bios" (Unrel.)
3. Paps - "Vibes from the other side" rmx (Unrel.)
4. Xenomorph - "Gnomes" (Unrel.)
5. Missing Time - "Excess End" (Submachine Recs.)
6. In R Voice - "Space Boot" (Unrel.)
7. Aviv - "1" (Unrel.)
8. The Strikers - "Stadium Multiball"(Submachine Recs.)
9. Bonky - "Sinister" (Unrel.)
10. Absolum - "Drumatrix" rmx (3D-Vision)

Shawnodese(Mind Funk-Amsterdam/The Netherlands)
Top Ten Chart May 2001

1-Digital Seperatists-"Essence"(unrel.)
2-Antix-"Altered Axis" (unrel.)
3-Etnica-"Hologram"(Neurobiotic unrel.)
4-Bamboo Forest-"Synthesis" (unrel.)
5-Orion-"Spider Monkey"(Phantasm Rec.)
6-Peace Data-"Peace Depth" rmx (unrel.)
7-Charasmatix-"Equilibrist pt.1" (unrel.)
8-Katayama-"Trigger Turner" (unrel.)
9-Atmos-"Klein aber doctor"-Slinky Nuns rmx (Flying Rhino)
10-Biodegradable-"El Nagual" (unrel.)

Shawnodese (Mind Funk-Amsterdam/The Netherlands)
Top Ten Chart April 2001

1. Logic Bomb - "Breakel Kreaker" (Spiral Trax-unrel.)
2. Bamboo Forest - "Synthesis" (unrel.)
3. Killerhertz - "It can't hurt" (Flying Rhino)
4. Insect Sun - "Music" (unrel.)
5. Hansi & Klaus - "Ghost" (unrel.)
6. M.O.S. - "Lachvogel" (unrel.)
7. Neotone - "The Cell" (Resonoise unrel.)
8. Mekano - "Squirm" (Resonoise unrel.)
9. Fabel - "Alarm" (Iboga unrel.)
10. Eqked - "Heartheat" (unrel.)

Shawnodese (Mind Funk-Amsterdam/Netherlands)-Top Ten Chart 03-2001

1. Skazi & Xenomorph - Are you there? (Unrel.)
2. Source Unknown - Breakdance (Tatsu Recs.)
3. Insect Sun - Crazy People (Unrel.)
4. Psy-Sex & Doof - Little Black Hole (Unrel.)
5. Mekano - Jisenolomai (Unrel.)
6. Paps - Da Real Life (Cream Crop Recs.)
7. Antix - Altered Axis (Unrel.)
8. Charasmatix - Soma Agent (Unrel.)
9. Igneous Sauria - Molecule (Unrel.)
10. Reefer Decree - Animal Planet (Iboga-Unrel.)

DJ Shawnodese -
Amsterdam (Holland) - Top 10 - December 1999

2-Bamboo Forest-"Multi-G"-unreleased
3-Wizzy Noise-"Red Planet"-unreleased
5-Paranoic Sensations-"Mole"unreleased
8-Midi Militia-Flanger Deranger"-unreleased
9-Psy-sex-"Experimental Procedure"unreleased
10-Pink Floyd-"Welcome to the machine"-Oforia rmx-unreleased

Gosse/Shawnodese - Pan-Europe
Started playing in '92, after going to first couple of parties in '91

Favourite labels: Spiral Trax, Flying Rhino(used to be), TIP World, 3 D Vision, Iboga, Uphonic(New A'dam label), Hadshot,Neurobiotic(Italy), Acidance (Greece), to mention a couple of favourites.

The style I play is mainly focussed on how danceable and mindblowing things are, descent buttshaking psytrance is my favourite, but love the more minimal groovy funky progressive side of things as well, as long as not to cheesy and predictable.

Places where I play: This is allover Europe mainly, also Israel, Bali, Venezuela.

Residencies: Mind Funk Resident, used to be resident in Trance Buddha, a club in A'dam for 2 and a half years, untill it closed. Namaste resident and a regular dj for Spacehopper-UK, Natraj Temple-Germany, Atisha-Germany, Scorpio-Germany, Antaris Projekt-Germany

Some sites with flyers or other "hard evidence": (our site, to be launced at 01-10-2001) (go to Akustik, check dj-mix pool and click Shawnodese)
http://www.goatrance/net (go goa-mixes and click Shawnodese)

There's a few more with top tens if you're interested, but have to check the addresses for you.

For the rest, the crowdsize I play for is anything between 50 good friends and 10000 maniacs gathering to have it! Hope that answers that question.

For playing I use 2 cd-j's and 2 turntables, that's the best to be able to play all I have. Used to use DAT in the past, but couldn't mix things, so dropped it when cd-j's showed up!

Ok, hope this is enough info for you. See what you can do with it and let me know how things evolve in the near future. Good luck with all.......

Love and light, Gosse/Shawnodese

---=(;( psychedelica );)=---