Dj Johnny Sin
( StarSound Records ; Greece )

DJ Johnny Sin (Starsound) 03.2002

1. Rewire- Endless (Starsound)
2. Ticon- We Are the Mammoth Hunters (P-Woland rmx) (Digital Structures)
3. Tegma- Nightsession (Starsound)
4. In Vitro- Loop Robotnik (Starsound, unreleased)
5. Jupiter- Zirconium (Starsound)
6. T.A.S.K.- Chemicaly Unbalanced (ZYX Music, unreleased)
7. Pea & Dardan- Ich Abooga (Pagoda, unreleased)
8. Cybertronic- XMS (Starsound, unreleased)
9. Colours- Atmosphere (Starsound)
10. Hinz & Kunz- Windsandale (Manta)

DJ Johnny Sin ( Starsound Records ; Greece ) 10.2001

1. Tegma- Charus (malmo rmx) (Starsound, unreleased)
2. Chemical Brothers- It Began in Africa (white label)
3. Defolder- 10 ms of Itch (Starsound, unreleased)
4. Depeche Mode- I Feel Loved (Danny Tenaglia mix)
5. Antix- Backslide (Spiral Trax International)
6. InsaneCreation- Gefarliche Flasche (Starsound, unreleased)
7. Triplex- Underflow (Starsound, unreleased)
8. Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Optical Vibes (Hommega)
9. Sun Trigger- First Dive (Discobole, unreleased)
10. Partyshooz- Partyshooz (Databass, unreleased)

DJ Johnny Sin (Starsound) 09.2001

1. DJ Sangeet- 10ms of Itch (Starsound, unreleased)
2. Tegma- What's Akbar (Digital Structures)
3. Triplex- Underflow (Starsound, unreleased)
4. Dardan- Brain Bordel (Databass, unreleased)
5. Pixel- Black In, Black Out (MDMA)
6. DJ Sangeet- A Different View (Spirit Zone, unreleased)
7. Colours- Hexenschuss (Starsound, unreleased)
8. Paste- Tolle (Interzone)
9. Insane Creation- Gefahrliche Flasche (Starsound, unreleased)
10. Yumade- Jungle Breeze (Starsound, unreleased)

DJ Johnny Sin / Starsound records / Greece (May 2001)

01.Yumade - Kitch Head (Starsound rec.)
02.Paste - Troll (Starsound rec.)
03.Antix - Sell Your Dog (Z.M.A. Rec.)
04.Smith - Tiefschlang (unr.)
05.Zerotonine - Pornostar (Leviathan / unr.)
06.Dogma3500 - Superman (unr.)
07.Ninja - Canibal (unr.)
08.Fabel - Facula (Tatsu rec.)
09.SBK - Morgelate (Spirit Zone Rec.)
10.Son Kite - Clockwise (Digital Structures Rec.)


1.Dimo-f invation
3.Loopus in fabula-lolita
4.Paps-vibes from the other side rmx
5.Wizzy Noise-expanded
6.Saiko Pod-groovious
7.3.turn-in & out
9.Snug as a bug-stay tuned

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