Dj Hujaboy
( Gorlation Corporation )

DJ Hujaboy (Gorlation Corporation) 04.2002

1. Timo Maas- Loud (album) (Perfecto)
2. Hujaboy- Nemesis (Hommega)
3. MOS- Zug Stufe (unreleased)
4. Double Dragon- Bong (Spirit Zone, unreleased)
5. Bamboo Forest- Clear Vision
6. X-Dream & Atmos-No Process (D-drum)
7. Ticon- We are the Mammoth Hunters (MOS rmx) (Digital structures)
8. Ticon- Lo mi hi (Atmos rmx) (Digital Structures)
9. Boo Reka- Corrupted Data Factory (unreleased)
10. Bumbling Loons- Feeler (Flying rhino)

Hujaboy (Gorlation Corporation) 03.2002

1. X-Dream & Atmos- No Process (D.Drum)
2. Sandman- The Dark Side (MDMA)
3. Alien Project- Dance or Die (Phonokol)
4. Hujaboy- Nemesis (Hommega)
5. BLT- The Calling (BNE)
6. Space Cat- Power Up (BNE)
7. Remedy- 0.38" (Hommega, unreleased)
8. Domestic Cosma- X-Port (BNE)
9. Insect Sun- Listen (Dance N Dust)
10. ManMadeMan- Get Up the Beat (Transient)

DJ Hujaboy (Gorlation Corporation) 12.2001

1. Hujaboy- Brain Damage (Hommega, unreleased)
2. Tegma- Xcalibur (Digital Structures)
3. DJ Axel- Made in Israel (Spirit Zone)
4. Double Dragon- Cabin Fever
5. Double Dragon- Bong
6. Deedra- Metal Gear rmx
7. Human Blue- Swing E Motion
8. Hujaboy- The Day (Hommega, unreleased)
9. Hujaboy- Flying Sorcerer (Hommega, unreleased)
10. Bumbling Loons- Feeler

DJ Hujaboy (Gorlation Corporation) 10.2001

1. Hujaboy- Flying Sorcerer (unreleased)
2. Wizzy Noise- Systems Fault (?)
3. Boo Reka- Champ n' Check (Hadshot Haheizar,unreleased)
4. Cosmosis vs. Mindfield- Can't Get There (Phantasm, unreleased)
5. Hujaboy- The day (Hommega, unreleased)
6. Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Optical Vibes (Hommega)
7. Hujaboy- Happy Metal (Hommega, unreleased)
8. Synthetic- n.n. (unreleased)
9. Boo Reka- Etzev (Hadshot Haheizar, unreleased)
10. Chemical Brothers- It began in Africa (white label)

DJ Hujaboy (Gorlation Corporation) 09.2001

1. Hujaboy- THE Day-(Hommega,unreleasd)
2. Nerve- Rocket (Medium)
3. X-Dream- Peter's Hoover (unreleased)
4. Synchro- Kiss This
5. Hujaboy- Nemesis (Hommega, unreleasd)
6. Hujaboy- Happy Metal (Hommega, unreleasd)
7. Wizzy Noise- System Fault
8. Double Dragon- Spiked rmx
9. Synthetic- n.n. (unreleased)
10. Boo Reka-Psycho- Psychodelicheskiy (Boshke Beats, unreleased)

DJ Hujaboy (Gorlation Corporation) 06.2001

1. The Delta- Pop (Synthetic rmx) (unreleased)
2. Hujaboy- Psikhodelicheskiy (unreleased)
3. Insect sun- Listen (unreleased)
4. Hujaboy vs Spazm- Shaba rain (unreleased)
5. Etnica- Hologram (Neurobotics,unreleased)
6. Synchro- Magnetic (Liquid audio soundz)
7. Synthetic- Cosmos 2000 (Twisted, unreleased)
8. Hujaboy- C.S.T.F.A (Hommega,unreleased)
9. Metal logic- Addrenalizzer
10. Qlap-Kun Ta Kin Te (Hadshot Haheizar)

DJ Hujaboy (Gorlation Corporation) 05/2001

1. Hujaboy- Psikhodelicheskiy (unreleased)
2. Authentic- Tokyo (D.Drum)
3. Whizzy Noize- Plastic Mold (ZMA)
4. Midi Miliz- Cream (Atomic)
5. Synthetic- Cyclone (Twisted)
6. Hujaboy- Champ n' Check (unreleased)
7. Synchro- Kitchen Sync (3.Turn rmx) (Hadshot Haheizar)
8. Hujaboy- Skak (unreleased)
9. Hujaboy- Arcane (unreleased)
10. Synthetic- 100% Pure (Twisted)

DJ Hujaboy (Gorlation Corporation) , 12/2000

1. DIMO- nn (unreleased)
2. Hujaboy- Smells Like Winter (unreleased)
3. O'cheese- InSpectre (unreleased)
4. Gorlation Corporation-You Are It (Hommega, unreleased)
5. Hujaboy- Progressive? Regressive? (unreleased)
6. Saiko-Pod- Magnetic Force (Kinetik)
7. Hujaboy- Counting Spirals to Fall Asleep (unreleased)
8. Tromesa- nn (unreleased)
9. Phongshade- A Night Out (unreleased)
10. Mumbo Jumbo- Mysterons (Transient)

DJ Huja 10/2000

1. Gorlation Corporation vs Domestic- Nes (Hujaboy rmx) (Hommega)
2. Bamboo Foerst- Is it open? (?)
3. Hujaboy- Shinkay Gyo (unreleased)
4. 3.Turn- Recycle or Die (Hadshot Haheizar)
5. Magus- Hipnosis (rmx) (Resonoise)
6. Gorlation Corporation- Ride the Atom (unreleased)
7. Hujaboy- Snakey Cobrada (unreleased)
8. Synchro- Hexed (USTA, unreleased)
9. Gorlation Corporation- Hostile Takeover (unreleased)
10. O'cheese- Oily Smoke (unreleased)

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