Dj HighGuy
( Radio 1 ; Israel )

DJ HighGuy (Radio 1) 04.2002

1. X-Dream & Atmos- No Process (D.Drum)
2. Sandman- The Dark Side (MDMA)
3. Alien Project- Dance or Die (Phonokol)
4. Hujaboy- Nemesis (Hommega)
5. BLT- The Calling (BNE)
6. Space Cat- Power Up (BNE)
7. Remedy- 0.38" (Hommega, unreleased)
8. Domestic Cosma- X-Port (BNE)
9. Insect Sun- Listen (Dance N Dust)
10. ManMadeMan- Get Up the Beat (Transient)

DJ HighGuy (Radio 1) 12.2001

1. PsyCraft- West Side (USTA)
2. Violet Vision- Honey (BNE, unreleased)
3. Lish- Green Show (USTA)
4. Mindfiled & Cosmosis- Psycho Problem (Phantasm)
5. Noosphere- Vector (Spirit Zone)
6. Nomad- Revolution (3D Vision)
7. Human Blue- Moods (USTA)
8. PsySex- Amphetamaniac (Hommega)
9. Oforia- Million of Miles Away (Infected rmx) (BNE)
10. Feuerhake- La Aurora (Free Form)

DJ HighGuy (Radio 1) 06.2001

1. Infected Mushroom- Never Ever Land (BNE)
2. PsySex vs. GMS- Imprint (Hommega, unreleased)
3. PsyCraft- Bizzare rmx (Hommega, unreleased)
4. Soul Pitcher- It Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Sings (Optimus)
5. Maskalin- Turtle House (Hommega)
6. Green House Effect vs. Sandman- Tribal Blah-Blah (Hommega)
7. Oforia- Minerals (Bionics)
8. Alien Project- Magnetic (Phonokol)
9. Vibrasphere- Arcs and Sparks (Spiral Trax)
10. Ticon+Atmos- Mestro Let the Only Process Begin (Highmix) (Hadsot/Acid Causaulties)

DJ HighGuy (Radio 1) 03/2001

1. Infected Mushroom- B.P.Empire (BNE, unreleased)
2. Infected Mushroom- S Is Here (BNE, unreleased)
3. One Man Crew- n.n. (unreleased)
4. Big Wigs- Pierwazy Rez (Medium)
5. Psysex- On A Mission rmx (Bionics)
6. Oforia- Minerals (Bionics)
7. MOS- Komm Das (Nova Tekk)
8. GMS feat. Chicago- On A Mission From God
9. Green House Effect- State of Mind (Hommega, unreleased)
10. Violet Vision- Fingering Nuns of Mars (BNE, unreleased)

DJ HighGuy 24/09/2000

1. Lunar + Purple- Subtle Trust (Transient)
2. Space Cat- Predator (BNE)
3. BLT- Human Cube Factory (Hommega)
4. Infected Mushroom- Merlin (Hommega)
5. Cosmosis- Kinda Weirda (Transient)
6. Quirk- Sale of the Century (Phantasm)
7. Atmos- Klein Aber Doctor (Boom Devil Cluster rmx) (Flying Rhino)
8. Psysex- Survival Kit (Hommega/BNE)
9. S.U.N. Project- Under Control (Sector)
10. Tim Schuldt- 7 (MDMA)

DJ HighGuy 07/2000

1. Quirk- Sale of the Century (Phantasm)
2. SUN Project- Out Of My Brain (Nova Tekk)
3. Chi-A.D.- Manitou (Sphere)
4. Infected Mushroom- Dream Theater (BNE)
5. Purple- ? (unreleased)
6. Domestic Mushroom- Scotch (Hovek Olam)
7. Chakra- Search for God (Optimus)
8. Eat Static- Holy War (Mesmobeat)
9. Space Cat- Deep Rising (BNE, unreleased)
10. Transwave- Land of Freedom (Distance)

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